We can begin resolving your traffic violation in minutes.

I’ve gotten a traffic ticket.

You didn’t ask for this. If you plead guilty and pay your fine, you will get points on your driver’s license and may see a significant insurance increase. Going to court for a ticket can mean missing an entire day of work, having the hassle of finding someone to watch the kids, or just plain wasting a nice day. Get started with our compassionate, painless legal representation in just minutes!

In most cases, you won’t even have to go to court.

I want to take next steps; I’m ready to put this behind me…


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Thank you for expediting this issue and getting my case dismissed. Your staff was is extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I’d highly recommend using the Jennifer Allen Law Firm for any future issues and since I own a business in Chapel Hill that deals with customers needing assistance like this on a daily basis, I’ll highly recommend them to this firm.


I am beyond pleased with my experience in dealing with Jennifer Allen and her staff. I got a speeding ticket 4 hours away from my home and was ignorant to the process since this was my first speeding ticket. She and her staff communicated with me via email which was incredibly convenient due to my hectic schedule, sent one of the most clear, concise and informative emails I’ve ever seen explaining exactly how the process would work, and took care of business and handled things exceptionally. I hope I never need a lawyer again, but if YOU do, I’d go with this firm.


“With two citations in just one disastrous weekend, I was worried about points on my license, having to appear in court from out of state, and how my insurance would be affected…From my first contact with the firm, everyone was courteous and helpful and continually kept me up to date on my court proceedings. The outcome was the best that I could have hoped for, and I am extremely pleased. Though I do not live in North Carolina, I do have relatives there and will recommend this firm to anyone who needs professional, honest, and reasonably priced representation.”