A: The courts understand that you do not necessarily always live in the county in which you received the ticket. In the case of driving school, as long as it is an accredited driving school that has a 4-6 hour class (or if you need 2 days of in-person driving school, 8 hours), all we need is a certificate of completion mailed or dropped off at our offices to move forward with your case. If you are unsure if the driving school meets these requirements, you can always call our offices or let them know that it is for traffic court. Many schools are familiar with the process and will let you know if their organization qualifies.

In the case of community service, your community service can be completed with any non-profit organization of your choosing. This would be anything from volunteering in a homeless shelter, at a soup kitchen, for the Red Cross or YMCA, etc. The only requirement other than it being a non-profit is that you must work under a supervisor who can give you a signed letter on their letterhead at the conclusion of your community service certifying the number of hours that you volunteered.